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Have a Pest Free Holiday

With the cold weather that's settled over Kansas City, Kansas, most folks are staying warm indoors with their furnaces and fireplaces blazing. These cozy conditions also appeal to a number of pests that have the power to disrupt your holiday celebrations. Rodents, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and spiders are a few pests to watch for this winter. Rodent Problems Rodent activity generally increases in the winter and peaks during cold snaps. Mice and rats will squeeze through any crack that they can find in search of warmth and shelter. They'll be happy to snack on crumbs and any goodies that are stored in your pantry. The most common warning signs include scurrying sounds above ceilings, gnaw marks around entry points and droppings in attics, basements and cupboards. Hidden Pests in Holiday Decorations If you're bringing Christmas trees, wreaths or greenery indoors, watch out for spiders, mites and insects. While most of...
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