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Why You Should Inspect Tall Grass Before Trimming

Lawn care is necessary if you want to keep your property looking clean. However, that should not be the only reason for keeping it well-maintained.

If grass is left to grow without being trimmed on a regular basis, it can pose problems you may not have expected. There are dangers to mowing tall grass. So, it is crucial to inspect it before cutting. Here are some reasons why you should inspect your tall grass before trimming it.

Lawn Mowing Safety

Tall grass can jeopardize your safety. It may not seem dangerous, but it creates an environment full of accidents waiting to happen. Tall grass can often conceal any debris that is scattered across your lawn. The shovel, broken branches or toy that was left sitting on your lawn could now be buried under the thick of the grass. These objects can get pulled in and ejected from the lawnmower at high speeds. They can leave the machine at about 100 mph. Checking your grass and removing any debris before trimming can help you avoid this potentially dangerous situation.

Hidden Pests

Surprises can be nice, but not when they involve pests. Inspecting tall grass before starting up the lawnmower will help you find any unwanted pests.  If you do not want a breeding ground for pests like ticks and snakes, you want to keep your grass well-maintained. 

Some pests that like to hide in your tall grass could possibly be dangerous when agitated. So, to make sure that you are not going to agitate anything that could harm you, inspecting your grass before trimming is a safety precaution. 

Some pests to look out for are snakes and rats. They are drawn to the grass because it provides cover for them. Also, mining bees are bees that build tunnels underground. With tall grass, it may be difficult to spot them. While they are non-aggressive bees, they will sting in defense.


It is always safer to make sure you regularly trim the grass on your property. However, if it ever gets to be too high, make sure you inspect your grass before trimming it. If you have any questions about your lawn care or how to deal with pests, contact Advantage today for more information.

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