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Soldier termiteWhether the structure houses a growing family, a thriving business or a school, termites can cause extensive damage to the building. Residential and commercial property owners alike need to protect their investments against the ravages caused by these common pests that can remain hidden from detection for months or even years. Professional termite control, however, can save property owners thousands of dollars in repair bills.

One of the latest developments in the field of termite control is the Sentricon® System. This highly effective treatment destroys the queen and her colony without the need for structural drilling or disruptions to the building's foundation and landscaping caused by traditional methods requiring digging or trenching around the foundation. Stations containing a bait that termites actually find preferable to wood are placed in the ground to form a protective ring around the structure.

The Sentricon System features Always Active technology. Upon installation, the bait is immediately available to termites, so the elimination of the colony begins on the first day. The bait is specially designed for longevity, so it will continue to protect against future infestations long after the original colony has been eradicated. Each bait device requires only a small amount of the active ingredient, and it is eco-friendly, presenting no threat to pets, humans or the environment.

Subterranean termites cause more than $5 billion annually in damages. Those charged with preserving America's history cannot take the chance that national landmarks are destroyed by these devastating insects. Furthermore, caretakers prefer that these fragile historic buildings not be subjected to the drilling and excavating that is common with traditional methods. Many caretakers have chosen the Sentricon System to protect and preserve the properties for which they are responsible. Here are just a few of the historic properties currently being protected by the Sentricon System.

  • The White House — In 1998, termites were found to be infesting the West Wing. The Sentricon System was installed, and the original colony was quickly eliminated. The Sentricon System is still in place to prevent possible reinfestations.
  • The U.S. Capitol — In 2002, the termite problem was so severe that termites actually swarmed inside the building. Various methods were tried, but eradication was elusive. The Sentricon System was installed in 2011 to eliminate the termite population, and it continues to provide protection for this national treasure.
  • Ellis Island — In 2004, extensive termite activity on the island's east end was discovered. Sentricon stations were installed and remain in place today. No new termite activity has been found.
  • Statue of Liberty — Termites were first discovered in 1994, and the problem continued to escalate over the next two years. The Sentricon System was installed in 1996. The following year, there was no springtime termite swarm for the first time since 1994, and no termites have been found since the system was installed.

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sentricon logo Not every pest control company is authorized to install the Sentricon System. Only the best in the industry undergo the extensive training required to become Certified Sentricon Specialists™. Advantage Termite and Pest Control is one such company. We have been helping commercial and residential customers rid their homes of termites since 1995. We serve customers throughout Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your property.