Residential Flea, Tick, Mosquito Removal Kansas City

Mosquito sucking bloodAdvantage has been a leader in residential flea and tick removal in Kansas City, Topeka, and the Lawrence areas for the past two decades. When you buy a home you want to enjoy being outside in the spring, summer and fall months without being bothered by pesky fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. All three can not only be a nuisance, but can also cause serious illnesses for both humans and animals. If you have pets at your home such as a cat, dog or other hair covered mammal, fleas can often find them quickly and cause discomfort for your beloved companion. While there are a variety of treatment options sold at many hardware and home improvement stores, the only proven method of ridding an area of these pests is professional pest control treatments performed by a licensed professional.

All Advantage licensed technicians are background checked to give you the highest level of customer service in the industry. With twenty years of experience and a vast knowledge of the area, we are very familiar with the problems these pests can cause, especially during the hot summer months when the mosquitoes seem to find their way out in swarms. We offer various treatment programs to rid you of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes when they have invaded your property, or you can take advantage of a variety of preventative programs that will help prevent these nuisance creatures from entering your space.

Besides being a nuisance, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can cause a lot of health issues for both you and your pets. Fleas can carry disease to your pets and at the very least feed on their blood and cause them to scratch uncontrollably which is obviously very uncomfortable for your pet. Ticks are a hazard for both you and your pet. They burrow under the skin and have been known to carry Lyme disease which can make you or your pet very sick. The adverse effects of these diseases are uncomfortable and lengthy whether it’s you or your pet that’s affected. Mosquitoes carry many diseases as well, some of which are simply passed from person to person as they feed on different people.

Advantage Termite and Pest Control offers a variety of treatments to rid your home of these pests. We can do treatments for both your home and your yard. Call 913-768-8989 (Kansas City) or 785-843-2887 (Lawrence) to learn about the variety of treatments we have available.