Lawrence, KS Pest Control

While Lawrence, Kansas is recognized for its rich history and lively cultural scene, the city is also known for its colder-than-average winters. As you and your family head indoors to escape the below-freezing temperatures this winter, you should be aware that unwanted insects and animals may have the same idea as you have. These pests can enter your home through the smallest of openings. Since you inadvertently offer them food, water, shelter and warmth, they make themselves at home to reproduce and be general nuisances all season long. If you want to protect your living space before unwanted guests settle in for the duration, it’s best to enlist the help of professionals. Here's what you need to know about common pests in your area and how we can help to eliminate the problem.

Termite Control

Termites are insects that feed on dead wood and the organic fibers that are common to plants. Since nearly all buildings contain some form of wood or composite wood substances, they are prime targets of termites. Subterranean, Drywood, and Dampwood termites are the three main types of termites that invade U.S. homes, but the Eastern subterranean termite is the one that causes the most structural damage to Midwestern homes like the ones that are located in Lawrence. Termites are particularly worrisome pests because they can silently cause widespread damage before property owners are even aware of their presence. Since it is commonly reported that a colony of termites can chew through a foot of your home's frame in about six months, it is imperative to have your home inspected by experts and treated to eradicate destructive colonies fast.

Rodent Control

Blustery Kansas winters give rodents all the motivation they need to seek shelter within toasty Lawrence homes of all kinds. Likewise, hot and humid summers attract rats and mice just as consistently depending on the health of the local rodent population. The seasoned pest-removal experts at Advantage make it their mission to eradicate rodents of all varieties. We'll break out the old-fashioned traps as well as the newer, high-tech deterrents to ensure that rodents don't spoil your party. Our track record when it comes to dealing with everything from possums to voles speaks for itself.

Wildlife Control

As much as we love wildlife here at Advantage PC, we don't like when they intrude on the households of our clients. Whether we're talking about squirrels or raccoons, furry critters in the attic or the basement are a tough problem to solve without the proper skills. We have the expertise required to tackle bat and skunk infestations alike regardless of how big the broods might be. First off, our technicians thoroughly inspect every sign of a pest problem to devise a solution. Afterwards, we set traps, seal up gaps in the building's exterior and prevent mammalian pest threats from reappearing.

Bed Bug Control

While they're not as dangerous as scorpions or termites, bed bugs can wreak widespread havoc if they're not kept in check. Bed bugs are tenacious and can hang around in a dormant state for months until the optimal time for proliferating presents itself. Getting rid of bed bugs for good is a tough nut to crack. The services of a professional exterminator are needed to guarantee that bed bugs are thoroughly eliminated. At Advantage PC, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a home free of bed bugs and their pernicious side effects.

General Pest Control Services

While termites and rodents often present the most pressing threats to your home's value and your family's health, there are a host of critters that could find their way into your home if it’s left unprotected. For instance, destructive raccoons could enter your attic where they are known to tear up ductwork, insulation and stored valuables. Your family also might encounter more spiders indoors that produce painful stings when they bite. No matter the pest problem that you face, we can help. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have seen it all and have the knowledge and experience to eliminate pest issues quickly and safely.