Liberty, MO Pest Control and Lawn Care

Liberty, Missouri – a welcoming suburb for families just outside of Kansas City. This friendly town has many sites for those who enjoy history, such as the Clay County Historical Society Museum. Liberty is also close enough for residents to enjoy the sights and sounds of the nearby metropolis. However, with so many people in the area, it's a prime spot for pests of all types. Advantage is here to help keep your home and lawn free of nuisance pests.

Pest Control

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from gangly spiders to evasive roaches. Whether it's silverfish in your bathroom sink or rodents in your crawlspaces, we offer integrated pest management programs to eliminate infestations. We believe in responsible pest control and eradicating bedbugs, fleas, ticks and other pests without harming your family or affecting the environment. Our experienced technicians will provide you with a full inspection and a detailed report and help to give you a pest-free home or business in Liberty.

Termite Control

Termites cause more problems to homes and businesses in a single year than most natural disasters. In fact, these small insects cost residents and business owners billions of dollars in damages yearly. Termites live together in colonies, and one colony can contain thousands of members. Because these pests eat wood, such as home structures and decking, your home or business is always at risk.

We specialize in termite control for homes, schools, businesses and other properties. Our certified technicians continue to learn about the newest and best ways to fight termites, such as the Sentricon System, which kills the queen and the colony without the need to make structural alterations. We'll inspect your property, eliminate an infestation and prevent termites from reinfesting your home, business or historical site.

Rodent Control

Rodents definitely pose a threat to local residents. From scaling walls to crawling through sewer pipes, these creatures will do whatever it takes to get inside your dwelling. Because rodents breed at such a fast rate, it only takes a short time for an infestation to occur. As soon as you notice the signs of rodents, it's important to call a professional pest control company. You certainly don't want to jeopardize your family's health. Like rats, mice are known for spreading a variety of different types of bacteria.

Wildlife Control

If you happen to have wildlife on your property, don't wait to take action. Some people are deceived by the cute appearance of certain animals. While the majority of wild creatures prefer to remain outdoors, some will invade your home. Squirrels are definitely prone to taking refuge in your attic. They are territorial animals that won't easily leave without a fight. Known for raiding garbage cans during late hours, raccoons can be just as problematic. Meanwhile, groundhogs can seriously damage your yard. Some of the other potential troublemakers include bats, opossums, skunks, birds, and beavers.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are hitchhikers who can easily find their way into your home. After returning from an out-of-town trip, it's not uncommon for vacationers to find bed bugs hiding in their luggage. Although these tiny insects can take refuge in a wide range of different places, they especially love to hole up underneath mattresses. While you're peacefully at rest, bed bugs will discreetly feed on your blood. Upon waking up in the middle of the night, many people are shocked to find red welts on their body. Families who suffer from allergies or asthma will be especially impacted by the presence of bed bugs.

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn can transform your home and enhance its curbside appeal. It can also raise your property value while giving you something to be proud to own. It takes work to maintain a plush, green and vibrant lawn, but sometimes the weather and a lack of time work against you. That's the point when Advantage steps in and takes control.

We handle every aspect of lawn care, from aeration and irrigation to weed control and mowing. Our professional lawn care technicians will care for your lawn like it's their own and keep it beautiful no matter the season.

Liberty Pest Control and Lawn Care

Contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment. Whether you're having trouble with a failing lawn, termites or another pest control problem, we'll take care of everything quickly and provide exceptional results that last.