Olathe, KS Pest Control

Olathe residents enjoy a peaceful place to live that is far enough from Topeka and Kansas City for tranquility but close enough to still enjoy every amenity. Unfortunately, pests also like the area because of the increased access to food, water and shelter. These are some of the common pests in Olathe.


Both dampwood and drywood termites are common in this part of Kansas. Subterranean termites are one of the worst variations since their colonies are large. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in structural damages quickly. The unfortunate thing about these pests is that they hide well, which means that infestations are usually undetectable to the average person until there is already significant damage. If you see shed wings, stray termites in your home, gnawed wood or dirt tube-like structures on the walls and foundation of your home, you likely have an infestation. Our professionals know how to promptly eliminate termites to prevent further damage.

Rodent Control

By the time that you notice rodents in your Olathe home or office building, you can be certain that there are more. Cold winter weather and rain in the summer can force mice indoors to seek shelter and scavenge for food. Rodents in Olathe establishments can sneak in through small holes and crevices. Once they’re inside, they can scamper through the walls, find a cozy nesting spot in a bag of old sweaters or gnaw at your insulation and wiring. Getting rid of them is only half the battle. At Advantage, we also provide preventative rodent control for commercial and residential settings in the Olathe area so that these pesky critters don’t return.

Wildlife Control

Although Olathe isn’t rural, there are plenty of animals that can make their way into your home or yard. Finding wildlife on your property can be extremely disconcerting. Whether you hear a noise in the attic or have a bee hive hanging from the eaves, call Advantage for safe, humane removal. Wild animals can be more than a nuisance; they may spread disease, damage your yard and property and pose a threat to humans and pets. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, remove the creature and fix any entry points that allowed the animal into your home.

Bed Bug Control

Just thinking about bed bugs can give you the chills. Olathe is the fourth most populated city in Kansas, and it has seen an increase in infestations in the past decade. If you’ve noticed signs of bed bugs in your home or business, you already have a problem. Bed bugs can be tough to get rid of. Let Advantage treat your Olathe property in the most effective way possible. We know where to look for bed bugs even if you can’t spot them. If you are experiencing unexplained itchy bites or rashes, you might have bed bugs.

General Pest Control

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, bees and spiders are all common pests in Olathe and the surrounding areas of Kansas. Mosquitoes can carry serious diseases such as West Nile and encephalitis. Cockroaches and ants contaminate food supplies and are unsightly. Some people have near-fatal allergic reactions to bee stings. Spiders such as black widows and brown recluses can make you ill and destroy skin tissue. Every pest comes with its own set of risks. We offer pest control services for most types of bugs and rodents found in Olathe.

If you see any pests in your home, call Advantage Termite & Pest Control for a prompt inspection. We also offer affordable preventative treatment plans that help you avoid the expenses of infestation removals. Contact us for a free estimate.